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अनेक भारतीय इंग्रजापेक्षा चांगली इंग्रजी बोलतात ,तुम्हीही त्यापैकी एक असू शकता...

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A range of courses adapted to your needs
Personality Development

Speaking fluent English is so important nowadays. Good communication skills are the key to success. Speak Your Way to a Better Personality.Having a good command over English has become imperative these days.

Professional Communication Skills

Communication is the most common activity at the work place.In would not be an exaggeration to say that good communication skills are at the heart of every good workplace.

Personal Training

Poor english may be keeping a large number of India's engineers from some of the best paid jobs in the country.Brush up your English to get better jobs.Maybe you have a personal objective to become more fluent in English

Leadership Development Programme

This is specially designed for busy executive/ working professionals to polish their spoken English along with other necessary skills required in day to day working environment .

Corporate Training

Develop English Culture in Your Organisation! In large part is communication is their work – mainly face-to-face in meetings, or by telephone or email. English is the language of business in India. .

Interview Techniques

When you appear for job interviews, speaking confidently in English is a big advantage. This course is specially designed for job seekers to prepare them with essential English language skills crucial in getting good jobs.

Neutral Accent

The Americans, the British and the Aussies all speak the same language, English. If you listen carefully, you will find a drastic difference in their pronunciations. This difference in pronunciation is what brings about so many different accents.

Voice Modulation

This is the power that voice modulation commands over people! Therefore, to become a master public speaker one must learn the art of voice modulation.